The UK's Top Sites for OnlineBetting on Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the newer eSports on the scene, but, after pulling some impressive player numbers in its first year, developer Blizzard is optimistic for its future as an esport. With the World Cup in 2017, featuring Team UK in the top 8 nonetheless, and a franchised international league on the horizon - things are looking bright for this popular hybrid of an FPS and MOBA.

Luckily for you, we've picked a handful of top online bookies that offer Overwatch betting for British Players. All our recommended sites offer:

Great odds, generous promotions & loyalty rewards
Safe & efficient banking methods for transferring funds
A wide range of Overwatch matches & bet types

How to Make a Good Overwatch Bet

As with any esport that becomes popular in their country, South Korean teams dominate the professional Overwatch scene.

So, this is our (slightly tongue in cheek, but true nonetheless) number one tip for betting on Overwatch - never bet against the Koreans.

Aside from that, as we previously mentioned, understanding the game in depth & betting odds in general are the twin paths to success in Overwatch betting.

It's no use simply recognising which teams are likely to win, if you can't also recognise when they have good value odds. Sure, you can bet on the favourite in every matchup - but you're not going to make a lot of profit and you will invest a lot of betting time.

The best way to make quick profits on Overwatch betting is to find value odds on teams that the bookies underrate. To do so, you need both knowledge of Overwatch and betting odds.

Placing Your First Overwatch Bett

In late 2016, Overwatch tournaments dropped off the radar for a while as teams scrambled to reserve their places in the upcoming official Overwatch League to be held in Los Angeles. Some major organisations outside of Asia even temporarily dropped their teams, with one team owner publicly bemoaning the lack of available matches.

This meant betting on Overwatch became a little problematic for a while, but once the League launched these difficulties melted away as the best players in the world flocked to LA to test their mettle against each other on a weekly basis.

With a buy in of a cool $20 million, and a combination of established eSports brands plus major traditional sports investment, there really is no better time to place your first Overwatch bet. But how do you go about this process?


Choosing a Site forOverwatch Online Betting

Despite it being the newest kid on the eSports block, as it were, Overwatch does have the backing of many respected eSports organisations as well as behemoth publisher Activision Blizzard. Therefore, UK bookies that offer eSports know there is some serious money behind this game and are very likely to offer Overwatch betting.

When picking a betting site, you want to ensure you've chosen a legitimate operator who will honour your winnings and offer smooth customer service should something go awry with your account or bet. That's why it's best to stick to a known and reputable UK online sports site that offers eSports betting.

Luckily for you, we've selected a range of top onlinebookies, so no matter where you put your wager down you can be sure you're betting in a secure environment.


Signing Up & Making a Deposit

Before you can even think about that bet on Shanghai Dragons to beat Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League, you need to have some real money in your account. Luckily, this is one of the easier parts of the process. A variety of popular (and some more niche) payment options are available for UK punters to easily deposit funds and withdraw winnings at most sites.

From widely available options such as VISA or PayPalto lesser known e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, you won't be left disappointed & unable to deposit when you visit one of our recommended sites. Just visit the sign-up section, enter all your personal and banking details for the selected method - and you're off.


Choosing a Bet

Once you've put some real money in your account, it's time for the fun part - choosing your Overwatch bet. Two key things to bear in mind here, just like any sport, are the teams and the odds. Being an Overwatch fan or player obviously comes in handy here - if you know your Cloud 9 from your Cloud 9 Kongdoo or can differentiate a pro Tracer from a gold level one, you'll be at a clear advantage. There are 3 ways to get to know the professional scene quickly:

  • Watch games (OGN in Korea being the highest skill league, pre Overwatch League)
  • Browse forums & news sites
  • Play the game - and get good

However, all of that is the icing on the proverbial gambling cake. The real key to betting on Overwatch is understanding odds.

You could have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game, or be an outstanding mechanical player able to dominate opponents from the moment the payload starts rolling to when it crosses the 3rd point line - but if you don't have a clue when it comes to odds, you won't be a successful Overwatch bettor.

Handily, we have a fantastic odds guide page for you to browse that will help you beat the bookmakers and read odds like a pro. Failing that, we also have a convenient odds converter/calculator - for the less mathematically minded amongst you!

Premier League Odds

Grab Yourself a Free Bet on Overwatch

eSports is a growing phenomenon, one that online bookmakers in the UK are now starting to get familiar with. They can see the potential in eSports outside of the trinity of the proven popular games (LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO), and are trying to attract new customers into these exciting markets. Therefore, if you are a prospective Overwatch bettor, you can take advantage of a range of offers designed to entice new punters into the sports betting world.

These kinds of offers come in many forms but the three most popular are:

  • Free bets
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Odds Boosts

You might see online bookies in the UK ramp up these kinds of promotions in the weeks leading up to major eSports events, such as the Overwatch World Cup (something about team UK after the event) or the beginning of the Overwatch League Season 1.

Who doesn't love a free bet, after all? Check out our recommended list of top eSports betting sites for British punters and take advantage of great offers that can help you boost your bankroll.

Overwatch Betting on Mobile

Being, for the most part, a young person's game, online bookies that offer eSports are keen to keep their mobile platforms smooth and easily accessible. It should be absolutely no trouble for you to bet on Overwatch on your mobile device - either through your browser or an Overwatch betting app.

Just find your chosen online betting site in your device's store or visit their usual website through your browser and you can be laying down real money bets on the Overwatch League in seconds.

Betting Online with Mobile Devices


The Overwatch League started in January 2022, with 14 teams from across the world. Each team is based in a specific city, and Blizzard hopes to be running home & away style league matches by the 2nd or 3rd season in - all going well. Season 1 will be played at Blizzard's purpose built eSports arena in Los Angeles.

All the usual sports bets, including outrights, in play bets and accumulators, can all be made on Overwatch matches. You can also make a variety of Overwatch specific prop bets, such as payload distance moved, rounds won, longest killing spree & more.

Yes, live bets are extremely suited to Overwatch - and UK online bookies know this. You can bet on a huge range of markets in play during Overwatch games, including next round winner, next map winner and various other markets.

Yes - most definitely. UK online bookies are encouraging punters to bet on eSports, including Overwatch, by ensuring their mobile platforms are easy to access and smooth to run.

We've shortlisted those British online bookies that also offer Overwatch and other eSports betting, so you can bet in confidence that your money and details are safe with a reputable, reliable and efficient site. Have a look through our shortlist now and see why thousands of UK punters trust our expert opinions, every day!