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Use Our Calculator to Get the Best Odds for OnlineBetting

If you're looking to secure the best odds when betting for real money in 2022, our odds calculator at OnlineBetting.co.uk can help. For making sense of the odds offered on the most popular sports bets at today's online bookies, checking the calculator is the best way to make sure your betting moneyis stretching as far as it can.

With our odds calculator you can:

  • Work out the odds on an online bet to calculate the return expected
  • Convert fractional odds into decimal and American Moneyline
  • Enjoy the best odds with our shortlist of the UK's top online bettingsites

How Our Odds Calculator Can Help You Make Better Bets

Our betting odds calculator is a great way of working out the profits you can make from an online bet. In fact it's far easier than attempting to do fractional maths in your head. Using the odds calculator tells you the return you can expect to make in seconds, just by typing in the odds offered and the stake you want to wager.

You can work out potential winnings on all sorts of popular sports. From horse racing and football to other popular league tournaments like rugby and cricket. You can also convert European decimal odds and American moneyline odds into British friendly fractional ones. So you never make a mistake when it comes to placing a real money bet at an online bookmaker in 2022.

Learn How Online Betting Odds Work

How The Online Odds Betting Calculator Works

Using the tool to work out the return on your wager is easy. Saving you the headache of having to do the hard sums yourself. You just enter in two figures - the stake you want to wager and the odds being offered on that bet. Once you hit confirm the odds calculator will automatically convert these numbers into a monetary amount. Showing you exactly how much profit you stand to make in pounds if your bet comes good.

How Our Team Tracks Down The Best Sports Odds Online

At OnlineBetting.co.uk we make it our mission to seek out the best online sportsbooks, bookies and exchanges. These have to offer British players the best odds, not only on their favourite sporting events in the UK but also on those played elsewhere in Europe too. We do this by testing out each site ourselves so we can be sure it meets the strict operating standards we expect.

For us, a great betting site needs to offer fantastic odds as standard, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. For our team to shortlist a site, it needs to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Fast deposits and withdrawals in UK currency
  • 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect user's details
  • In play betting on a range of top sporting action worldwide
  • A responsive customer service team that acts on complaints quickly
  • Big welcome bonuses and promotions for frequent bettors
  • An operating licence from a respected gambling authority
  • Independent third party reviews to verify fairness
  • A range of other real money games alongside online sports betting

Decimal To Moneyline: 2022's Odds Explained

If you've never bet for real money outside of the UK you might be under the impression that the fractional odds system we use here in Britain is the same worldwide, but you'd be mistaken. In America, and even in other parts of Europe, the way online bookies present their odds is totally different than we're used to here.

In fact, our European friends use a decimal system to show their betting odds. So a fractional odd like 5/1 for example becomes 6.00 in the decimal system. That's because this way of presenting betting odds actually shows gamblers what their stake will make them. Including their initial wager.

In America, the odds are again different. The US uses a system known as moneyline odds, which again works slightly differently than fractional and decimal odds. It uses a plus (+) and minus (-) system, where the stronger team or favourite has odds prefixed by a minus sign, and the other team, or non-favourite(s) have odds prefixed by a plus sign. In this system, the odds tell you how much you'd have to bet to get back $100.

So, if we take our same fractional 5/1 odds. In the moneyline system this would be presented as +500. Meaning if you wagered $100 you'd win back $500 + your initial $100 stake. Receiving a $600 return in total.

Getting Started With Our Odds Calculator

There's no need to trawl the Internet looking for real money betting sites offering the best sports odds. Our team have already done the legwork for you. Selecting a cross section of the web's best bookies for gamblers based in the UK.

If you fancy trying your luck at an offshore American or European bookmakers in 2022, our odds calculator can help you convert the decimal and moneyline odds you see advertised into something a little closer to home - and easier to digest. Don't be put off if the odds you see don't make immediate sense to you. Enlist the help of our trusty online odds calculator and you'll be up and running in no time.

Match Bets Explained

Match betting involves taking advantage of the free bet offers being touted to attract new members at all of today's betting sites. You sign up to two different sites, offering the same, or almost equal odds, then you pick a sport to bet on. On one site you make a back bet (a bet where you wager on one outcome). eg. Arsenal to win. On the other site you make a lay bet (a bet where you back against an outcome). eg. Arsenal will not lose. This means that if Arsenal Win or draw, your bet comes in. This way, no matter what the outcome of the Arsenal match, you'll win money. Also, because you've used your free bet you haven't risked anything either. That's match betting.

Understanding Accumulator Bets

If you place an accumulator bet at a bookiesonline, you're betting not just on the outcome of one event, but on multiple ones across the same bet. For you to win any money back, every selection you make has to come in. So, if you bet on the winner across 5 races at Aintree for example, each of the horses you've chosen must win or else you win nothing. That's an accumulator bet. It's a bet that spans more than one event and where one wrong selection basically causes the entire bet to fold. Another example of accumulator betting that's popular in the UK involves predicting the scores in premier league football. Get all scores in your selection right and you win your bet, but if just one team scores a goal less than you predicted, that's it, your bet is done.

Online Bookies Vs. Betting Exchanges: What's The Difference?

The difference between a bookmaker and an exchange can be confusing. It has to dowith how the odds of each are calculated. At an exchange the odds rise and fall a bit like the stock market, with an influx of people all opting for the same bet driving the odds down. You also pay a commission at an exchange on any bet you win, as this is how the exchange operators make their money. At a bookies the odds are set by the bookmakers themselves, who also bet to make their money. The odds at a bookies will fluctuate with developments ahead of the event starting, such as if a key goal scorer gets injured close to kick off or a horse has been deemed not fit to race.

Online UK Betting Site FAQs

Odds basically tell you how much money you stand to make. If you take the bet at the advertised odds, and it comes in.

You can try working in out in your head, or you can save yourself the effort and just use our online betting odds calculator instead. We'd plump for the latter personally.

Each way bets pay out different odds depending on whether your selection wins or places. A win offers higher odds, but still less than if you'd placed a single bet. Again, the best way to work out odds on each way bets is by using the odds calculator online or on your mobile.

A forecast bet is a popular horse racing bet. It's when you make two selections in the same race - which horse you think will win, and which will place 2nd. Both horses need to place correctly for you to win the bet.

Bookmakers and exchanges can both offer better odds at different times. The best thing to do is to refer to our shortlist of sites offering the best betting odds for UK bettors.