The Best Premier League Online Betting In 2022

If you're looking for some of the top online bets for the Premier League in 2022 , you've come to the right place. At, we find the top sites around and score them for you based on a number of key criteria important for football bettors, allowing you to make the most informed decision at the best sites online. We look at: Loading... Loading...


Premier League Betting Advice

Beyond the obvious - always try to find the best Premier League betting odds and online bookmakers with good promotions - we have a few simple tips for online betting on the Premier League you might like:

Don't ignore history - if a team hasn't won a championship in decades, they'll need to pull off something really special to change that

Derby games are always interesting, in that underdogs often pull some magic out the bag when pride is on the line

You can never 100% guarantee that a team is going to win, so it's unwise to bet more than you can afford just in case of an upset

Avoid placing large bets on very unlikely outcomes, but £1 wagered here or there on long odds sometimes pays off!

Premier League betting tips appear on most of the top bookies' sites, but we also have a live feed of predictions for you here.

Premier League Odds

Understanding Premier League Odds

When betting on English Premier League outright odds, and odds on individual games, will usually be displayed in the fractional format (3/1 or 5/2), because these are most popular with British punters. Sites might also show you decimal odds too (1.25, 2.3 etc.), but all of the best will let you switch these to fractional.

With that in mind, let's look more closely at fractional odds. Let's say that Man U has odds of 3/5 for their next match. That means you'll get £3 back on a successful £5 bet, plus your original bet of £5, for a total return of £8. Watford, meanwhile, has odds of 4/1 in their next game. You'll net £4 for every £1 wagered successfully, plus your original stake, so a total return of £5 when betting just £1.

Making Your Bets On Mobile

Just because you're hitting the town or spending time with friends doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of all the Premier League online betting action that online bookies have to offer while you're on the move.

You can use Android and iPhoneapps and mobile gambling sites to access Premier League odds and place real money bets, getting a full range of betting options at any time during a match wherever you are in the UK.

Betting Online with Mobile Devices

Premier League table

Premier League Betting Promotions

Before you sign up with an online bookmaker, you want to make sure that they have Premier League betting offers available. Promotions regularly include things like:

Risk free "No Deposit" bets that generally pay out in free bets, not real money

Enhanced Odds on your first bet(s)

% Match bonuses that boost your bankroll when you're starting out

Accumulator Insurance that gives you something back if your Premier League betting tips fall short and a team lets you down

The offers you can access will depend on the site you're playing with, but folks in the UK have no shortage of great sites with solid Premier League odds and plenty of promos available.


From Premier League betting tips to questions about individual online bookies, we receive all sorts of queries about football betting. Here are some of the most common:

Just about any reputable betting site will provide Premier League outright odds, as well as odds for individual games.

We only recommend trustworthy online bookies that we've tested ourselves, including making real money wagers, and found to be suitable for British players.

Almost all online gambling sites in 2022 offer Premier League betting promotions that will help you stretch your bankroll further. Exactly what these offers look like varies from site to site.

When it comes to English Premier League betting, there's virtually no limit. Most sites and apps offer in excess of 100 different types of bets per game, the simplest being who will win the game. You can also involve things like the score, who will score first and even how many players will be sent off.

For safe and secure online betting on the Premier League, look no further than the sites we recommend on this page. We believe that players in the United Kingdom won't find any better than them!