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10 Tips For Online Betting Success

With online sports betting you may think that any wins you make are a lucky break, but this is far from the case. Successful sportsbook betting has more to do with your own judgement than having fate on your side. In this guide we're going to offer 10 tips from our online betting experts that you can put into action to help improve your odds of cashing in a win.

  • Discover how to use free bet bonuses to improve your bankroll
  • Why you should let go of losses instead of chasing them
  • Why a little Dutch courage could be your online betting downfall

Use Bonuses and Promotions to Set Up Your Bankroll

Free bet bonuses at UK betting sites are designed to attract new players to open an account. They basically reward you with free cash to bet with, sometimes just for signing up, and other times for making your first real money deposit. These bonuses are a great way to give your bankroll a boost.

You'll find free bets as standard at all good, reputable, betting sites in 2022. And because there's no limit to the amount of online bookies you can sign up with, the savviest British gamblers take advantage of accepting these free bet offers at multiple bookmakers, boosting their bankroll with hundreds of pounds to use betting on online sports in Britain.


Play at a Trusted Site That's Popular with UK Bettors

When you're gambling with real money online, the last thing you want to gamble with is the trustworthiness of the bookmaker you're using. One sure-fire way to cheat yourself out of potential money is to sign up with an unlicensed bookies whose business isn't regulated. If anything goes wrong there's no one there to protect you. And believe us, it does happen.

Although the industry is strictly monitored, it's still possible for anyone to set-up an online betting site in 2022. Often these bookmakers behave just like the real thing, which is why it's so easy for unsuspecting online gamblers to get caught out. Stick to trusted and popular sites you know are legitimate. If you have any doubts, read expert reviews and only sign up to online bookies that a trusted gambling resource like OnlineBetting.co.uk has recommended.


Don't Chase Losses

Some betting site strategies will tell you that when you lose you should double your next bet to recoup any losses. While this approach makes sense and sounds good on paper, the fact remains that there's no guarantee the next bet you make will come in a winner - or the one after that, either.

If you chase your losses in this way you run the risk of quickly blowing more money than you intended. In the most extreme cases you can lose more money than you can actually afford, especially if you use a betting system that encourages you to up your next stake on losing bets. Don't chase losses. Accept that they're part of online gambling and chalk it up to experience.


Understand the Gambler's Fallacy

This is something that even the savviest of online sports bettors can fall victim to from time to time. Understanding it should hopefully help you avoid it in future. The gambler's fallacy is when you think that some 'otherworldly' force is influencing the outcome of your bets other than the odds and your own judgement. It happens a lot in casino gaming, but it's also been known to affect sports bettors, too.

A common example of gambler's fallacy is when you win a few times in a row. When this happens it can be easy to think that you're on a 'lucky streak' and start placing even bigger and more outlandish wagers, feeling as though you're invincible. The fact is, just because you've won several times in succession doesn't mean your odds of winning again are any higher. You could just as easily lose the next bet you make. Not appreciating this is a sign that the gambler's fallacy has set in. Falling foul to it could make you wager recklessly to devastating effect.


Pick the Right Sport for You

Just like studying poker can improve your chances of making better decisions in a game, getting to know one sport intimately can help you take better bets too. Can you imagine trying to stake a wager on a Premier League game without knowing which of the two teams is stronger, or predicting the Wimbledon Men's final winner not knowing anything about the players competing?

Information, as they say, is power. So pick a sport you like and stick with it. As your knowledge improves, so too will your chances of correcting predicting the outcome of heats and matches, giving you better judgement in the bets you decide to wager on and minimising your losses in the process.


Take Regular Breaks

Although it's supposed to be a fun pastime, online gambling when done intensively can be draining. After all, you're sitting in front of a screen, staring at a ton of numbers and trying to work out what your return will be. It takes brainpower, and a lot of concentration.

That's why the smartest bettors limit the amount of time they spend gambling in a single sitting, and factor in regular breaks in between. Stepping away from the action, even just for five minutes, can help you come back with a fresh outlook. It's especially important if you've encountered a few straight losses, as this can cause you to bet based on emotion rather than reason. That type of bet rarely has a positive outcome.


Learn the Regular Promotions that Apply to You

Online bookies have to work hard to attract new bettors and keep their regular ones loyal, so they frequently introduce weekly or monthly promotions to reward players new and old. These promo offers are similar to the introductory welcome bonuses you can collect when you first join up to a site. They'll likely reward you with a further injection of free money to boost your bankroll.

So, no matter if you're a member of one betting site or multiple online bookies, familiarise yourself with the regular promotions on offer, and particularly the ones that apply to your chosen sport. That way you can cash in every so often on the freebies they offer, which can even lead to you making a win without having to spend a penny of your own bankroll.


Don't Drink and Gamble

Gambling successfully depends on having great judgement, and nothing clouds your judgement quicker than alcohol. Why do you think so many land-based casinos offer free drinks? That way the punters' inhibitions go down and they start betting more liberally, with dire consequences. It's a sneaky tactic, but one that works more often than not.

Don't fall into the online bookie's hands by gambling after you've had a skinful. Keep your head clear and your judgement on point. You don't want to be THAT player who wakes up the next day to discover they've unwittingly wagered their entire bankroll away while in a drunken stupor.


Manage Your Bankroll

To be a long-term profitable gambler it's important to get to grips with bankroll management. Bankroll management is all about learning to minimise your losses by recognising the value in a bet, and deciding how much to wager.

It's a skill that comes with experience, which unfortunately means that you'll have to take a few hits as you get the hang of a betting bankroll strategy. It's worth it though, assuccessful bankroll management is key to being a successful online gambler for the long haul. Take some time to read up on the best strategies and perfect your management skills by testing your judgement with some of the free sports bets you'll pick up at bookies online. You won't have to risk too much of your own real cash as you learn this essential online betting skill.


Sign Up with Several Sites

We've spoken briefly about the benefits of signing up to multiple sites, particularly in terms of collecting free bet welcome bonuses. Another benefit of being a member of several online bookies is having access to a wider range of odds, particularly on the same sports, and even the same bets.

Say, for example, you're 100% certain that Arsenal will smash Chelsea in their next meeting at the Emirates Stadium. You can shop around at all of the online bookmakers you're registered with to see which one is offering the best odds on that outcome. You then simply wager where you're guaranteed to get the best return if your bet comes in good. If you really want to cover all bases, you can even place a match bet at another online bookies so, whether the result is a loss or a drawer, you'll still come out of it a winner.

Read the Stats

Stats should never be ignored when it comes to online betting. After all, stats give you insight you can use to your advantage. Why go into a bet blind when you can make use of fact and expert opinion to help you reach an informed decision? While it's entirely possible you'll pick the winner of The National based only on the horse's name, the smarter bettor will read the stats and make a bet based on probability and judgement.

Timing Your Bets

One thing about betting odds is that they're not fixed in stone. All the way up to the start of a tournament, match or race they'll fluctuate up and down. One aspect of betting successfully is knowing when to take the odds. Wait until it's too late and the odds on that favourite could be shocking. Go in too early and you run the risk of missing out if the odds should happen to peak closer to the kick off. Timing, as they say, is everything. That definitely couldn't be truer than when you're sports betting.