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The Top UK In Play Online Betting 2022

If you're looking for the best live betting the UK has to offer, well you've found it. On this page we'll cover online betting in play at the sites our team have rated number 1 for live bet action online in Britain. Not only do these sites offer British online gamblers the best live betting odds and top real cash for your £, they're also all verified by our team as trustworthy, secure and safe to play at too.

With our best rated in play betting sites for 2022, you'll get:

  • Live betting action from the United Kingdom's top online gambling bookies
  • In play betting strategies and the best live betting odds online in the UK
  • Real money in play betting on football, horse racing and other UK sports

Why It's Important To Play At A Trustworthy Live Betting Site

Let's face it, staying safe online in 2022 matters, and not least when you're handling real money via the World Wide Web. With hacks on leading consumer websites at their highest ever level and ransomware software targeting British Internet users. It's never been more important to ensure the online bookmaker you bet at is 100% secure.

That's why at OnlineBetting.co.uk we perform all the necessary checks to make sure the British bookies we recommend are using the most sophisticated firewalls and data protection technology. All aimed at keeping their users safe. And if we suspect a site to be dodgy we don't turn a blind eye. Instead, we'll name and shame it in our blacklist. Innocent Brits looking for a good time with live online betting won't get led astray by a rogue site.

Premier League Odds

The Sports You Can Bet On In Play In The UK

Online betting in play, in running, or live betting, as it's also known, offers Brits the chance to pocket big cash while watching their favourite sports live. Unsurprisingly, football is one of the most popular strands of live betting action at online bookies in the United Kingdom. Today's internet based bookmakers will take a live bet on just about any sporting event, not just in Britain, but worldwide too.

Footie is still by far the front runner when it comes to in play online betting on UK turf, with bookies offering ever-changing odds as the game unfolds. Taking live bets on anything from the next goal scorer to the result at half time. Not just in the English Premier League but also the American NFL, Italian Serie A or Spanish La Liga. The same can be said for the British Rugby Union or New Zealand Rugby League too. Both of which attract the attentions of UK based live bettors.

Aside from this Horse Racing is another popular event in play bet makers in the UK follow closely. Especially with big meets like Aintree and The Grand National. While cricket also provides multiple live online betting opportunities, including predicting the top batsman and the number of runs from one side.

Mobile In Play Online Betting

Of course, what good would in running betting be if you could only do it from your home Mac or PC? The best bookies online in the UK know that smartphones and tablets are where the action is concentrated in 2022. They make sure their betting exchanges and online gambling sites are perfectly optimised with today's top UK devices. From Apple's ever popular iPhone, to the Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface and Window's Phone.

Mobile live betting is perfect for British gamblers who love to watch their favourite sports in a social atmosphere - or game side. So the next time you're sitting watching the match with your mates down the boozer, or even supporting your favourite premier league side from the stands, you can use your phone to make a bet while the action unfolds right in front of you.

Betting Online with Mobile Devices

How We Rate And Review Britain's Bookmakers And Exchanges

To bring you only the best sports live betting action, our team conducts a review of every online gambling site on the web today. We do this systematically, using the same set of criteria in each case so we can compare each in play betting site like for like.

How does in play betting work?

In play betting is making a bet in real time as a match, game or horse race unfolds. The odds are ever changing, and the challenge (and thrill) for British punters is to make the right call while the odds are stacked highest. It's an awesome way to bet on your favourite UK sports in 2022, and those of other sporting countries across the globe, too.

Top strategies for betting in play

Live sports betting is all about timing. The odds are being constantly refreshed with every second that passes, so the trick is to correctly predict something occurring before it happens. This can be anything from calling which team will score next, to the number of tries you think a singular player will score. But remember, the odds in live sports betting aren't fixed. So keep a watchful eye as the numbers rise and fall, and be ready to place your bet just as you can get the best return.

Here's a little of what we look for in top rated in play betting apps and websites:

0 1


A good spread of in play betting on football, and other sports

0 2


Secure Socket Layer encryption & licence from a verified gambling body

0 3

Deposit / withdrawal methods

Multiple ways for Brits to get their £ in and out of the betting site quickly

0 4

Customer Support

A responsive customer service who are available via live chat 24/7

0 5

In play betting and odds

Sports live betting that is up to the minute and offers great in play odds

0 6

Bonus & free bets

A fantastic welcome bonus that benefits British live betting customers

We Only Ever Recommend Gambling Commission Verified Bookies

Rounding Off Our UK Live Betting Guide

If, like the thousands of Brits using their £ to indulge in sports live betting today, you fancy having a flutter yourself, getting started at any of 2022's top live bet bookies couldn't be easier. Especially since we've already tracked down the best ones to bet at, all offering UK online gambling fans great in running odds on the top real money sporting action.

So check out our shortlist of live betting bookmakers if you're serious about signing up to a good established UK bookie.You'll see the possibilities and the £'s roll in when you live bet on sports events in the United Kingdom and beyond.


Live betting is when you place a real money wager on a sporting event, as the event is being played out. UK bookies that offer this type of in play betting give odds on different possibilities that can occur. These odds constantly refresh in real time in connection with the action, giving online gamblers in the UK the chance to place any number of bets they like on a range of different outcomes.

You first need to open an account with an online bookie or betting exchange that offers this type of live betting action. Once you're registered you then need to upload money to your account to bet with. From there it's just a case of deciding which sport you want to wager on, checking the odds available and deciding which bets to take.

Everything from the UK Premier League, and lower division footie matches, to the Scottish league, and international football meets such as Italy's Serie A and Spain's La Liga. You can also place live bets today on rugby, cricket, horse racing, and hockey. In fact, pretty much any live sporting event on offer.

If you're betting at an exchange, the odds change in accordance with the bets being made by other gamblers. If a volume of people are all placing the same bet, the odds on that bet will fall. If you're betting at a bookmakers the odds will update in line with the action. If one player has scored two goals for instance, odds on him being the next goal scorer may go down. While odds on an outside player scoring could be higher, as the likelihood of this occurring is less likely.

Online in the UK, the best live bet bookies are those that offer great odds across a spectrum of different sports. We've tracked down these top sites and gathered them together in our live betting top list. So if in doubt take a recommendation from this featured list.