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Online Betting Guide To Virtual Bets

Virtual betting blurs the boundary between real life sporting action and that created just for entertainment's sake. It's becoming more and more common at online bookmakers, who are frequently looking to improve the experience they offer to internet bettors. Now, instead of only being able to bet on sports when a real game is taking place, with virtual betting you can bet on fantasy leagues at any time of the day or night.

In this guide to online betting on virtual games we'll cover:

  • What virtual betting is and how you can get involved
  • The benefits and any downsides to betting virtually online
  • The different types of fantasy sport available in virtual betting

What is Virtual Sports Betting Exactly?

Virtual betting is very similar to making a real money wager on an actual sporting event online. The only difference is the teams, leagues and outcomes are all the product of computer programming, instead of the action being real.


Virtual betting has grown out of the popularity of online sports betting and the ever-growing interest in fantasy leagues such as football. In virtual bets, the action you see on screen looks just like a real game. It's commonly set in real stadiums, and the graphics are so sophisticated they genuinely appear lifelike.

Except they aren't. These types of fantasy sports have been created specifically to satisfy bettors at times when the regular action is lacking. This could beduring the summer months in the UK when the premier league has called time for the season, or in the middle of the night when there's no sports taking place to bet on.

Learn How Online Betting Odds Work

How Does Virtual Betting Work?

Don't let the name fool you. Just because it's referred to as a virtual bet doesn't mean the stakes you're wagering with aren't real. You can place a bet on a spread of outcomes across the multiple sports available, with different odds offered on the results.

It's just like betting on a real sport. The bets you're making are real money ones being funded by your bankroll. So, if you have a staking plan (see our guide to bankroll management), you need to take this into account.

In virtual sports betting every event, team, and back story you see is fictional. To help bettors make informed betting decisions, stats and histories are available on each team and player. With virtual leagues, unlike real sports, you're in control. Whenever the urge strikes to make a bet, you simply log in and select from the hundreds of available virtual matches across multiple sports including football, tennis, rugby and horse racing.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Bets?

While old school sports bettors might turn their nose up at the idea of betting on fictitious events, if you're prepared to give it a go, there's actually a lot to be gained from virtual betting online.


More Opportunities To Bet

With virtual betting there's not much waiting around between events. Sports usually play out in about 90 seconds, and you can take your pick from horse racing to footy.


You Don't Have To Be An Expert

Real sports betting successfully requires expertise and knowledge built up over years. With virtual online betting you can brush up on the main players without having to invest too much time.


You Can Do It Day And Night

There's no restriction on the virtual gaming action as events take place around the clock. Instead of having to wait until the weekend to wager on a sport, you can take part whenever the urge arises.


It's Great For Beginners

If you're new to online sports betting then starting out with virtual games is a great place to begin. You don't need to know too much information, and you can practice placing low wagers whilst getting familiar with the different odds and betting types.

Are There Any Downsides?

It's fair to say, with this way of betting, the positives far outweigh any drawbacks. But, as with most things in life, there are two sides to every story. So here are a couple of things that could be considered a disadvantage of making virtual bets online.

  • It Makes Gambling More Accessible - With regular sports betting there's a limit to when you can bet. With virtual tournaments the action never ends, so there's always an opportunity to stake money. Just be mindful that overindulging could lead to over-spending, or in the worst cases an addiction to gambling.
  • It's Less Exciting - While your money is still at risk when gambling virtually, the fact remains that the action isn't real. It lacks the same sense of thrill that regular sports betting offers. Plus in a 90-second window, there's very little opportunity to place live in-play bets.
  • The Odds Are Fixed - Because each event is being offered only by the individual bookmaker that supports virtual sports betting, there's no way to shop around for the best odds. You simply have to take whatever odds the bookies is offering at face value, so there's no way to better the profit return you stand to make.

How To Make A Virtual Bet At A bookmaker Online

Making a virtual bet at a bookmaker that offers this type of sports betting is just as easy (if not easier) than placing a bet on a real life event.

Here's how you go about it:


Log into a virtual betting bookie (if it's your first time at the site you'll need to open an account and deposit some money to begin with)


Take a look at the different types of sports being offered virtually. These typically include horse racing, football, rugby and tennis in the UK, though it's possible to also find U.S style and other European sports too.


Pick an event and check out the odds and statistics, then make your selection, including how much money you want to wager. Check the details of your bet and then press confirm.


Watch the event live on your screen (virtual games tend to last between 90 seconds and 3 minutes per match) then find out instantly if your bet came good. If it did, your original wager plus your profit will be added to your bankroll.

The Fantasy Sports You Can Bet On

Virtual sports betting isn't just restricted to fantasy football. If you want to get in on the computer-generated action there's a host of other events you can wager real money on.

  • Football - From the UK premier league to American soccer, virtual football online is big business for bookies. Don't expect the team names to be the same as in real life. Bookies haven't got the rights to use the actual club's names, so you'll see variations on the top teams.
  • Horse Racing - British bettors have always enjoyed a flutter at the racetrack, and virtual horse racing is no exception to the rule.
  • Tennis - Just like in real life, fantasy tennis has its winners and losers. Look up the stats and find out who are the virtual top seeds before hedging your stake.
  • Dog Racing - Dog racing is still a popular pastime in some parts of Britain, and it couldn't be easier to wager a stake on a virtual dog race.
  • Basketball - We're not as into basketball as Americans on this side of the pond but online Brits are more inclined to wager on the virtual action.

Odds Offered On Fantasy Sports Bets

Unlike with real sporting odds, when you can jump from one bookie to the next to see who's offering the best return, with virtual sports betting the odds aren't comparable so you're stuck with whatever the bookie is offering. It's important to remember that the league stats might not mirror real life exactly, so don't confuse the two. Each bookmaker's own virtual action is unique to its site, as are the odds being offered on each outcome, which tend to be simple back bets. So don't go thinking that just because Man U is playing stronger than Everton in real life that virtually the same applies. Do your homework when it comes to team stats and then you'll be able to understand the virtual odds better and whether they represent good value for money.