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VIP Programs And Loyalty Rewards For Online Betting

Competition between online bookmakers in 2022 is great news for punters. It means that, when it comes to deals and promotions, the Internet isn't short of places where British bettors can cash in. But, while most sites aim their offers at new members, what, if anything, can loyal customers expect?

In this guide to loyalty rewards and VIP programmes, we take a look at some of the most common ways betting sites reward their returning customers.

  • Discover why the free bets don't have to dry up after your first deposit
  • Learn how making accumulators could boost your bankroll further
  • Why depositing regularly could put you in line for greater rewards

Why Casinos and Betting Sites Reward Customer Loyalty

With newer betting sites taking to the Internet all the time, the competition for business has never been greater. This spate of new sites joining the fray has led to bookmakers and casinos offering bigger and better welcome bonuses to tempt in new members.

But with no limit on the number of sites a bettor can join, operators have seen a backlash in accounts closing after punters have claimed the free bet, which isn't good for the sites' bottom line. This is why attentions are now turning to promotions intended to keep bettors loyal to the site instead.

Learn How Online Betting Odds Work

The Types Of Loyalty Offers At UK Betting Sites

From monthly reload bonuses that boost your bankroll to weekly free bets on accumulators, here are some of the promotional offers loyal customers will find themselves entitled to at today's online bookies.


Free Match Bets

This type of loyalty offer rewards you when you make a real money bet up to a qualifying value. For example, if you make a bet of £15 you might be rewarded with a free £5 bet to make. In the most generous of cases, the betting site will match your bet value like for like.


Bet Tokens

Bet tokens are usually offered as an incentive to encourage betting during quieter times. They're usually only available during a narrow window, say from midnight to 2am on a Tuesday. Qualifying bets made during this time can be rewarded in tokens redeemable for free bets down the line.


Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses reward loyal customers who make frequent real money deposits to their online betting account. They usually require you to make a deposit up to a set value, but can reward you back with anything from 50-100% of the value of the deposit you make.


Cash Back Bonuses

This type of offer typically gives you back a percentage of your stake on losing bets. They can sometimes be in association with a highlighted sporting event for that period, but ultimately minimise the amount of money you stand to lose when you wager, giving you anything up to 50% of your loss back.


Winning Boosts

Winning boosts reward you with a percentage of your stake back when you win or lose on set bets. They're usually tied to particular events, such as, say, a cup game or a match final. They give you a little boost to your bankroll, even if your bet comes good.


Bounty Bonuses

Bounty bonuses can be found at select bookmakers online in 2022. They offer a prize bundle; usually a high percentage of free bets, typically on a monthly or weekly basis, awarded to the bettor who has achieved the highest cumulative total profit in that set time period.


Progress Bonuses

Progress bonuses are a type of loyalty offer that reward you for the frequency of real money bets you make. Sites that offer this type of promotion typically have a progress bar or similar, which increases with every real money wager staked. Once the bar is full you'll be rewarded with a prize - usually in the form of a free bet, which will increase in value each time the bar is filled up.


Player Points

Player points are similar to progress bonuses in that they reward you for the activity you make on the betting site. However, instead of just rewarding you when you bet, player points can be built up with all kinds of activity, such as every time you log in, when you make a deposit to your account, and even when you withdraw money. The points all add up, and most sites that offer this type of loyalty scheme will typically have a 'shop' where bettors can cash in their points for rewards such as free bets.

How Loyalty Schemes Work Online

Although similar offers and deals can be found at the majority of online betting sites, it still pays to open more than one betting account - and shop around for the rewards that best suit your style of betting.

For example, if you're a keen football bettor, there are a ton of promotions online that specifically cater for gamblers staking wagers on the league games taking place that week. So it pays to familiarise yourself with the regular loyalty promotions sites offer.

With points-based schemes it can sometimes be necessary to opt-in voluntarily. So, if this applies to you, make doubly sure that you're entered into a bookmaker's loyalty program, or else you could miss out on rewards and offers accrued by the activity you make on the site.

Bookmaker Points Programs

Points programs are a type of rewards scheme whereby you receive points in return for everyday activity on the site. This typically includes the deposits you make, and any real money bets you wager, but can also extend to logging in, cashing out and completing verification processes. These schemes usually operate in tiers, and as you move through each one your loyalty level will increase, opening you up to the possibility of even bigger and better prizes with each new level you reach.

The Top Prizes At Bookies

As betting sites focus on converting loyal bettors, the rewards on offer to those who show their allegiance grow ever greater. Here's some of the top ones we've come across.

  • Free cash bundles worth thousands of pounds
  • All expenses paid holidays abroad with spending money
  • Tickets to exclusive sporting events worldwide
  • Access to exclusive VIP odds that offer a better RTP
  • Profit boosts on all bets - even those that lose
  • Tangible prizes - like white goods and gadgets
  • Free flights and meals out in restaurants

T&C When It Comes To Offers

As with all bonuses and promotions made at online betting sites in Britain, these offers are governed by certain terms and conditions that bettors should be aware of.

We know reading the small print is never fun. But, for the sake of a few minutes, it can spare you the later inconvenience of discovering you didn't do everything needed to claim your reward.

While the UK online betting industry is closely regulated, the T&C of these offers are 100% legit. And bettors who fail to acknowledge them could find themselves left high and dry without a case for complaint. So think carefully before taking up any loyalty offer online. And make sure you know, without a shadow of a doubt, what the bookmaker expects of you in return.