2022's Top StarCraft II Online BettingSites in the UK

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty was released in 2010, and is the sequel to the hugely popular science fiction Real Time Strategy game Starcraft. SCII has been a popular esport since its release and has made millions for some of its young stars and esports teams.

So how and when can you start online betting on Starcraft II? Well, just browse our top list of online bookies that offer esports and SC2 betting to find yourself a great betting site with:

A top range of SCII matches and betting types
Secure & Easy deposits & withdrawals
A Generous Range of Free Bet Promotions & Loyalty Rewards

What is StarCraft II?

Competitive Starcraft II is played as a 1v1 game, as two players compete to destroy each other's bases by building structures & armies and competing over resources. The complex interplay between different unit and structure types of the three races (Protoss, Zerg and Terran) creates the strategic depth, as well as the positioning of their bases and units on the map.

Out of all esports, as a 1 versus 1 game, it is legendarily difficult to play at the top level. Players live and die by their ability to micro manage their individual units and production while macro managing their whole army's positioning on the map. Actions Per Minute (or APM) is a key benchmark for Starcraft II players, and some can get up to 300+. It is not clear that there is a linear correlation between higher APM and better play, but,in general, if you can't keep up with your opponent's actions, you will lose.

Placing Your First Starcraft II Bet

Online betting on Starcraft II is a staple at most of the major UK online bookies that offer esports betting. This means the bets are varied, the odds are usually a fair reflection of a given player's chances of winning and the user experience is nicely tailored to SC2 punters. So how do you differentiate a supreme choice from the rest of the pack?


Choosing a Betting Site

There are plenty of sites that offer esports only betting - and on some of these you can bet on more obscure Starcraft II matches from smaller leagues. However, for the smoothest & certified safest online betting experiences we recommend sticking to a trusted UK online betting site that offers esports. From a wagering perspective too, renowned bookies might be a better bet - if they don't specialise in esports only betting, they are more likely to occasionally make mistakes with their odds. This kind of error can easily be exploited by a canny Starcraft II bettor.

Aside from that, betting at a known and respected online bookies helps to ensure that your funds and details are completely safe and that any winnings you receive will be promptly paid out without hassle or having to satisfy arbitrarily preventative rules.


Signing Up & Making a Deposit

Before you can think about joining the Starcraft II online betting community, you have to sign up to a betting site and deposit some real money in your account. Needless to say, online bookies make this process quite easy - all our top recommended sites offer a wide range of the UK's most popular banking options, such as PayPal and VISA Debit cards, as well as more niche options like Neteller, Skrill or old school bank transfers.

Once you've signed up, it won't take 5 minutes to put some real money into your bankroll - then the real fun starts!


Choosing a Bet

Starcraft II has been around for years - so there's plenty of information and statistics on the professional scene to help you get to understand this complex game. Online betting odds can still derail even the biggest Starcraft expert if you don't put any time into getting to know them.

But the biggest StarCraft betting tips we can give you?

Never bet against the Koreans.

In the 7-year history of this game, only one Western player (Neeb, in 2016) has ever won an international tournament held in Korea. In fact, in that tournament Neeb became the first Western player to even get past a semi-final in a Korean tournament since the year 2000. In esports, that's a huge amount of time.

So, in conclusion, to choose a good SCII bet you need to find underrated players with good value odds and not bet against a Korean player in a match against anyone else. This may be a little reductive, but these are the core elements you need to learn.

Premier League Odds

Types of Bets You Can Make on Starcraft II

  • Outrights - As the name suggests, outright bets are bets on a player to win a match, game or tournament - outright. These are the easiest kind of bets to both make and understand, and they are the bet that usually first comes to mind when people think of sports betting.

    Of course, you'll get better odds predicting an outright tournament winner than predicting the next map winner in a best of 5 game that's already at 2-0 to the favourite.
  • Accumulators - Accumulators are basically just a collection of outright bets added together. The odds are multiplied, to reflect the difficulty of getting multiple predictions correct. If you even get one wrong, you lose your bet.

    Accumulators are popular for UK bettors, as they have the potential to create big wins from small stakes and have produced some of the most legendary wins in sports betting history.
  • Specials - Special bets are a bet on something specific to the game or sport involved - and there are a variety of them available for SC2 bettors. However, as the game (slowly) decreases in popularity, the amount of these special bets you can get at mainstream bookmakers is falling off slightly. However, you should be able to bet on StarCraft 2 specials such as first map, under/over resources accrued and others.
  • In Play - In play bets are bets put down while the match is being played. These aren't the most suited to SC2 as matches can end up as quite long wars of attrition, although, as with all sports, they are still popular.

StarCraft II Betting on Mobile

Online bookies in the UK have put a lot of effort into ensuring their mobile esports betting facilities are top notch. Whether you're using an Android device or an iPhone, online betting on Starcraft II is a cinch. Since it's mostly comprised of text, Starcraft II betting sites run on just about any smartphone, tablet or other internet enabled mobile device that exists.

As most SCII events are now held in the US or South Korea, different time zones might prevent you from being at a computer in time to place that last minute bet on Neeb to beat Stats in the WCS finals. Well - as long as you have enough data (or a Wi-Fi connection) you can pretty much access your Starcraft II online betting account from anywhere in the UK. StarCraft 2 punters, rejoice!

Betting Online with Mobile Devices

Free Bets & Promotional Offers on StarCraft II

Esports, in the UK at least, is a relatively new betting phenomenon for online bookies. To that end, they are relentlessly trying to entice new players into this growing market. Although Blizzard's legendary RTS is no longer as popular as it once was, there are still new fans willing to lay down their hard-earned cash on StarCraft 2 online betting - and British online bookmakers are ready to offer great free bets and other promotional offers to attract your custom.

There are few kinds of bonus offers SC2 bettors can get at the top sites, these include:

  • Free Bets & Deposit Bonuses
  • Odds Boosts
  • Insurance on Bets and Loyalty Rewards

Free bets are the easiest to understand - a bookmaker will give you your next bet (usually between £10 - £30) for free, after making your first real money bet. Often, these will be on any sports, but they do sometimes offer esports exclusives promotions.

Odds boosts can give you enhanced odds during major tournaments and events, such as the Global Starcraft II League Finals, which can help new bettors make more money on their bets. However, there is often a max bet limit on these boosted odds.

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Top 3 StarCraft 2 Earners

Ranking SC2 players objectively is notoriously difficult, and you only have to do a quick web search to see a myriad of heated debates on this topic. To that end, we're going to skirt around this thorny issue entirely and just present the top 3 earners from this long running esport. No surprise - they were all Korean. So, in the interests of parity, we put the highest earning non Korean player in there too.