Security At UK Online Betting Sites

One of the main concerns online gamblers have in 2022 is whether they can trust the betting site they're wagering at to play fair. With stories surfacing of bookies closing down overnight, rigged odds, and player payouts being confiscated. It's never been more crucial for British gamblers to be 100% sure they're signed up to a trustworthy site.

In this guide to fairness and security at UK bookies online, we'll take you through:

  • The technology ensures virtual betting games are unbiased.
  • How cheating is scuppered at online betting sites in the UK.
  • The industry regulators on hand to keep British bettors safe online.

Is It Possible To Cheat Online Bookies?

If you type this question into Google, you'll be met with entries claiming it's possible to run scams to cheat betting sites out of money. Or download software to give you at an advantage over the advertised odds.

At their most advantageous these schemes will encourage you to misuse the affiliate programmes offered at online bookies to your gain. As well as exploiting the free bet bonuses UK bookmakers use to attract new members.

Trusting Virtual Betting Technology

There's nothing worse than taking part in virtual real money action only to discover the technology is rigged to unfairly favour the bookmaker. Not only will you have invested a lot of money without seeing a fair return. But there's very little you can do in this situation, except chalk it up to experience and walk away.

That's why it's vital to make sure the site you're using to make virtual bets at online is licenced. Not only does this keep you in the remit of UK gambling law, but it also means the games will be tested to make sure the results they give are random each time. This is achieved by using RNG (Random Number Generator) software. A computer programme that ensures the outcome of each goal, point, or result, of a fantasy sports tournament is unbiased.

Seeing the eCogra seal on a betting site is also further evidence of fair play. This organisation is set up to independently test out betting site software at random. The results of which are analysed to determine fairness. If eCogra picks up on a pattern, they'll know the virtual sports games aren't being unbiased. So, a bookmaker that's certified by eCogra (or similar) has the thumbs up for fairness.


How To Tell If A Betting Site Is Being Fair

  • A. Cheating in any form takes away the fun and skill of placing bets.
  • B. Getting caught can land you in serious hot water with the betting site operators.
  • C. Fraudulent activity in Britain is punishable by UK Law and could land you in jail.
  • So while it's claimed you can 'cheat' betting sites out of money, the truth is this kind of behaviour is shady and should be avoided. Today's betting sites are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to detecting cheating. And they're constantly reviewing their promotional T&Cs in an attempt to quash this type of behaviour. With those caught facing a ban, confiscation of funds, or a visit from the police, if suspected.


    Why You Can't Use Betting Software To Cheat

    Even though when you bet online you're doing so remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer, it's naïve to think that betting sites aren't routinely monitoring for foul play.

    That's why software that claims it can help you to cheat bookies out of cash can't be trusted. Each bookmaker puts provisions in place to make sure it isn't possible for anyone to unfairly win at their sites. From using RNG software to ensure unbiased results on their fantasy sports leagues, to detection software that picks up on any suspicious behaviour.

    That's another reason that gamblers should be incredibly wary of any software online claiming a 100% success rate. The bookie's juice alone makes it impossible for bettors to see a 100% return each time. So, claims such as these are more likely a trap to con unsuspecting Brits out of money.

    The only way to be successful at online betting is by practising hard and having good bankroll management in place. So, don't be fooled into thinking you can cheat your way to bigger and quicker wins by downloading betting software. The only person you'll end up cheating is yourself.

    Being an online gambler

    The great thing about being an online gambler in Britain is, since 2005, the UK Gambling Commission professionally regulates the industry. Meaning any betting site operating in the United Kingdom needs to have a licence, granted by the commission. And this is a UK bettor's best indication that the site is abiding by fair practice.

    It also means, in the event that you do have an issue with the operator for any reason, you can contact the Gambling Commission for assistance. And either they, or the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will investigate fully.

    This is how else you can tell if a betting site online, is operating fairly and securely:

    • It's independently tested by a third party auditor, such as eCogra
    • It uses RNG virtual betting software (random number generator)
    • Its URL has HTTPS at the beginning (the 's' stands for security)
    • It has a padlock symbol beside its web address in the URL link
    • It offers multiple ways to get in touch with its customer services
    • It performs verification checks when you sign up and withdraw

    The Industry Auditors Keeping You Safe

    Here are just a handful of the industry regulators looking out for Brits in 2022:

    • The UK Gambling Commission - Since 2005, no betting site can legally operate in Britain without a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. For Brits, this provides peace of mind the site they're using is legit, legal and safe.
    • eCogra - A third party auditor, eCogra, are drafted in to test the virtual games being offered at UK betting sites. Analysing hundreds of results to ensure the outcome is random and fair each time.
    • Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) - In more recent years, the CMA have been working alongside the UK Gambling Commission to investigate reports of unfair practice and rogue behaviour at betting sites in Britain.