The Best Bundesliga Online Betting Sites in 2022

With some of the best teams in the world competing to become champion, the Bundesliga is Germany's equivalent to the UK's Premier League, with equally as exciting and high quality matches to bet on. Use our list of recommended online bookies to bet on these top-class games and you can expect:

German League Tips/Advice

If you're looking for some advice on the main league or Bundesliga 2 betting tips, then we have a few words of wisdom for you below that will hopefully help you on your way to betting success:

Betting on underdogs isn't advisable all of the time, but you might consider taking a chance on certain games like those where long-term rivals are competing or when one team is better used to playing in poor weather

Online gambling always comes with some risk, so never bet more than you can afford to lose - football betting doesn't require a lot of money, with plenty of small long shot bets that can result in a big payoff

Read football news and look out for tips about upcoming games and players or teams who are doing well; unfortunately for folks in Britain, some of the most up to date Bundesliga betting predictions might be written in German!

Don't just bet on who will win outright - change up your bets and gamble on different outcomes to improve your odds of winning, even if you fail to predict the overall champion.

You can look out for more tips which are updated regularly on the best online betting sites, but we also have a live feed of predictions for you here too.

Bundesliga Odds

Understanding Bundesliga Odds

When online betting on Bundesliga, there's a couple of different types of odds that you may come across. The most common are fractional (3/1, 2/5 etc.), and these are by far the most popular with most British punters. If you can't make head nor tail of decimal odds (1.5, 3.2 etc.), top football betting sites will let you switch the view to fractional instead.

Now, let's take a closer look at those fractional examples above. If a team has 3/1 odds in their next game, that just means that you'll get £3 profit back for every £1 you successfully bet (plus your original £1 stake). That means a total payout of £4 on a £1 bet. Bet £1 on a team with 2/5 odds, however, and you'll make just 40p profit! That's because you'd need to bet £5 to make £2 profit, with a total payout of £7 (including the £5 stake) in that example.

UK online bookmaker sites like to use fractional odds though, so that's the format you can expect to see most of the time.

Bundesliga Betting On Mobile

When it comes to browsing the internet, you might be more of an on-the-go mobile person than a "sit down at a desktop" person. If you're the former, or even if you're a bit of both, betting on your mobile will be perfect for you. With an increasing range of mobile friendly sites and online bookies apps available, there are more places to bet on your smartphone or tablet in 2022 than ever before.

And you aren't limited to using these apps just for betting either; you can use them throughout the day to check Bundesliga odds, scores, the conditions for upcoming games, or tips from your favourite betting sites. It really does give football betting online a huge advantage over the old days of betting with a brick and mortar bookmaker.


Betting Promotions For German League Betting

All of the best online bookmaker sites offer plenty of bonuses for punters in the United Kingdom betting on football, including Bundesliga online betting. Make sure to pick an online gambling site with offers before placing your bet!

If you're wondering what type of promos you can expect to see, then a few typical examples are below:

Enhanced Accumulators - Improved odds for certain accumulator bets

Risk free bet - Get your money back as a free bet if you don't win

Two goals up - If your team is two goals up at any time in the 90 minute match then your winnings will be paid out no matter what the final result is

Free "in play" bet - Gives you a free bet once the match has started if you place a qualifying pre-match bet

First goal scorer refund - Get your money back as a free bet if you bet on a player to score first but they score second instead

These offers all differ from site to site, but you can expect to see lots of different promos available, especially when it comes to the bigger Bundesliga games.


We have had plenty of questions about betting on Bundesliga from seasoned punters through to complete beginners. Find some of the most frequently asked below:

Almost every online betting site will give you the odds for the overall Bundesliga winner. They will also list the odds for each game of the season.

If you use our list of reputable online bookmaker sites then you will find them very trustworthy - we have tried and tested them all and only recommend sites that we find to be safe.

If you choose one of our recommended online gambling sites then the majority of them will offer bonuses and promotions when you bet on football, usually on specific games or as a sign up bonus.

The choice is endless when it comes to what kind of bets you can make on football - you can stick to choosing who will win at full time through to betting on the first person to score a goal. Look for a list of the type of bet you can place on your preferred online betting site.

We have compiled a list of the best safe and trusted online betting sites that we have tried ourselves, just so you can gamble in the knowledge that your details are secure.