La Liga Online Betting In 2022

As with any type of football betting, there are lots of different outcomes to wager on when it comes to La Liga. Outright winner odds are most common, but other outcomes to bet real money on include:

La Liga Betting Advice

If you're looking to pick up some Spanish football betting tips or predictions, we have a live info feed for you on this page. The best online betting sites also offer lots more tips and projections if you need some extra help.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list below of some helpful things to remember when trying to pick a winner:

Quite a few of the top La Liga teams also play in other competitions, such as the Champions League. Watch out for the results of those matches too so that you can get a feel for which teams are performing well this season

Try to always use betting sites that offer bonuses and promotions (most football betting sites do) so you can get more for your money

Always be aware of your finances and never bet more than you can afford to lose. UK-based players can still land big real money prizes making only small bets on underdogs, so there's no need to get silly with your bets

Try not to bet on teams with very poor odds, unless you're wagering very small amounts of cash or if it's a special game (such as a derby match) where anything might happen

La Liga Odds

Understanding Spanish League Odds

Spanish league odds on UK online betting sites will usually be represented as fractional (2/4, 25/1), or occasionally as decimal (2.4, 25.1). Both formats signify the same thing, so if you do have one that you prefer then most sites will let you switch between them. In the United Kingdom, however, fractional odds are more popular.

Working out what fractional odds mean is easy, particularly for those in Britain who are already familiar with them from horse racing or gambling in a land-based venue. For example, let's say you place a £10 bet on Real Madrid to win their match against Atletico Madrid at odds of 13/10. If they win you will receive £13, plus your original stake, making a total payout of £23. If you bet £5 on a draw, however, at odds of 12/5, then you will get £12 back plus your original £5 bet = £17 total payout.

La Liga Betting On Mobile

You can use football betting apps or head to an online operator through your phone's browser to bet on La Liga games, no matter where you are. This is a great way to bet on the Spanish football without feeling tied to your desktop or laptop.

You can also use these services to check odds, read up on La Liga betting predictions and to keep up to date with the latest results. Betting on your mobile means you can go out with mates or your other half and not have to worry about missing the latest action.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, they are just as simple to use as your usual desktop sites and can be accessed using the same credentials.


La Liga Betting Promotions

One of the easiest things you can do to improve the scope of your potential winnings is to look out for bonuses and promotions. La Liga betting is offered by many of the best online UK bookmaker sites, so you're likely to see promos such as:

Enhanced Spanish league odds, improving the odds of a certain match or event (and thus your potential return)

Accumulator insurance, which covers your back if just one of your selected bets loses

A percentage match bonus, one of the most common offers, which is given to new customers who sign up and deposit real money into their account

"In App" bonuses - Download a bookmaker's mobile app, use it to bet, and some providers will give you a free bet in return just for doing so

These are just a few of the many offers that are available every week on sites that offer online betting, Liga Spagnola and other footy action from across Britain (as well as beyond the United Kingdom). Use our recommended list to find the best bonuses and start betting today!