The Top Serie A Online Betting Sites for 2022

If you want to do some online betting on Serie A matches, then there are plenty of different ways that you can do so! Just a few of the real money options available at online bookmakers are listed below:

Serie A Online Betting Advice

If you are looking for some Serie A betting tips then you've come to the right place. Although we can't predict the overall winner (we would be sitting somewhere a lot sunnier than grey and rainy Britain right now if we could…!), this advice should hopefully help you on your way to placing a successful bet:

If you're someone who usually bets on the full-time result of a match, try betting on some different outcomes or multiple results instead. You'll mix things up and stand a better chance of at least one of your bets winning

There are plenty of articles online about the latest football news and results. Keep up to date with these so you know who is injured, who's performing well and, of course, who's not living up to expectations

Don't ever bet so much that you put your personal finances at risk should you lose; you can still win big real money prizes from betting tiny sums on teams/outcomes with longer odds and have fun in the process

Sticking to betting on an online bookmaker's favourite is often sensible but for certain matches, like derby games where old rivalries make things even more competitive, taking a chance on the underdog can sometimes pay off

We have also added a live prediction feed for you here so you can get some more help with Serie A. Betting on a winner is never easy so, if you're looking for even more tips, then you can typically find these on the best sites that offer real money betting on football.

Serie A Odds

Understanding Serie A Odds

You don't need to be able to speak Italian to bet on a Serie A match, just like you don't need to be a mathematician to understand fractional odds!

For instance, say Juventus have 1/8 odds of winning. If you place a bet of £8 and Juventus do win the match you will get £1 profit plus your original £8 stake back, so a total of £9. If you were to bet on their opponents Crotone however, at odds of 22/1, for every £1 you wager and win, you will get £22 back plus your original £1 bet.

Although decimal odds (3.4, 2.6 etc.) are more popular in Europe, including Italy, Serie A odds are normally listed in a fractional format on the type of football betting sites you'll be accessing. That's simply because that's the most popular format for British punters. We'd recommend that players in the United Kingdom get familiar with fractional odds but, if you really can't get to grips with them, most places will let you switch between different options.

Serie A Betting On Mobile

Online betting on Serie A isn't restricted to just your desktop; use your mobile to bet on the go using all of the football betting apps and mobile friendly online bookies sites that are available in 2022.

These apps and sites are usually compatible with iPhone and Android devices, are easy to navigate and are just as safe as using a computer or laptop (provided your connection is secure).

And you can use them to do more than just bet - you can check the latest Serie A betting tips and promotion details, odds and the progress of your current real money wagers, no matter where you are.


Serie A Betting Promotions

Not all UK online bookmaker sites will offer promotions for every single Serie A game, given that it isn't a British league, but they will give away bonuses for some of the bigger and more popular matches. And you can always use cash from your % match welcome bonus when checking out Serie A odds on a winner.

Promos you might come across that cover big games include the following:

No deposit free bet - Designed to give new players a taste for football betting, these free bets don't require any real money to be deposited before use

Mobile specials - These offers give you a free bet, or some other bonus, just for downloading and betting on football using their app

A "double delight" or "hat trick heaven" bet gives you double or treble odds if your chosen goal scorer pick goes on to score two or three times

The "Acca Plus" gives you a % of winnings back the more games you wager on and win, and also gives a free bet back if you just lose one bet out of your selection

These are just a few of the many offers that online bookies give away daily, and top sites are always looking to shake things up with new bonuses that are a bit different.If you want to sign up with some of the best bookmakers around and start cashing in on promotions today, then take a look at our list of recommended Serie A online betting sites here.