The UK's Best Online Betting on Horse Racing 2022

Looking for top horse race betting tips, bonuses, and a reliable bookmaker? If yes, you'll want to check out this guide to the major events in 2022 and the best places to bet on them. Our team of gambling experts rate and review online bookies to bring you the most trustworthy and profitable options out there.

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Different Horse Races Explained

Flat Races

Run on a level race course without jumps, a flat race is a fast-paced event that tests the speed and stamina of the horses.

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National Hunt Races

Horses are required to jump over fences and ditches. The National Hunt calendar mainly runs between October and April and is one of the most popular events.

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Triple Crown Races

Run by three-year-old thoroughbred horses, this prestigious competition is a three-race challenge which, if won by the same horse each time, names them as the Triple Crown champion for that year.

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UK Races

With some of the most renowned events in the horse racing world, you don't have to go beyond the British borders to find some high-quality races to bet on.

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International Races

If you do want to try your luck with some overseas betting, however, you can take your pick from plenty of exhilarating and renowned races around the world.

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Bonuses & Promos For Horse Racing Betting

British online betting sites are British online bookies are constantly promoting new and competitive bonuses and promotions, especially for horse racing betting. UK punters are well known for being very big fans of the sport!

Offers vary between online gambling sites, but these are just a couple of the recent promos that you'll see across sites targeting players in Britain:

Recommended Horse Racing offers this month

Editors Pick


100% deposit bonus of up to £30

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Bet £10 get £30 when you place your first bet

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The Different Kinds Of Horse Racing Bets Available

As horse racing online betting is so popular, it's not surprising that there are multiple different ways to place your bets.
Here are some of the most common:




Each Way




Straight Forecast


Straight Tricast

Your Guide To
Horse Racing Betting Odds

If you're wagering on horse racing in Britain, it's very likely that you'll be shown odds in the fractional format. As a British site we may be being biased, but we've always found these the easiest format to understand anyway.

Let's say that a horse has odds of 2/1. This means that you'll win £2 for every £1 successfully bet on the horse. Including your original £1 stake, that makes a total payout of £3 here. For a horse with 1/4 odds, you'd need to bet £4 for a total payout of just £5 (£1 profit + £4 original stake).

The best online gambling sites make horse race betting very simple with built-in betslip calculators, so you won't need to bust out any complex mental arithmetic to work out how much real money you stand to make! Or you can check out our own, free betting odds calculator too.


Most UK online betting sites will give you the chance to bet on all of the UK races that are happening that week, and some overseas ones if they are big races.

As long as you stick to reputable and trustworthy sites, especially ones that we have recommended, you are unlikely to have any issues.

A lot of the top sites offering online betting on horse racing offer bonuses when you sign up. Often you'll be able to enjoy a free bet when you create an account.

There are a range of different bets you can make: on multiple horses, who will come first, second and third, accumulators, and a long list of other ways to try your luck.

Right here on this site! Our experts have compiled a list of the best sites for horse race betting, testing them for everything from payout speed to bonus quality.