The UK's Top Flat Race Online Betting for 2021

Viewed by some as the ultimate test in horse racing, there are countless flat races held in Britain and beyond every year. Of course, 2021 is no exception and represents as good a time as any to get started with horse betting. All of the online bookies we recommend for online betting on flat races:

Offer a wide range of payment options Are safe, secure and reputable gambling venues Have flat race betting odds that are fair to British punters

The Biggest Flat Race Stakes this Season

There are many flat races to keep you occupied throughout the year, but there are a few that stand out as "must watch" events. In our humble opinion, you don't want to miss these: Loading...

Basics Of Online Betting On Flat Races

Follow our step by step guide to horse race betting to get started if you're still a little unsure:

  • Open an account with one of our recommended gambling sites and claim your free bet or bonus if applicable (which it really should be!)
  • Use your preferred payment method to deposit some real money to play with
  • Find a flat race that has a good selection of runners and pick the horse you would like to bet on
  • At the side of the page you will see your betslip - make sure this is 100% correct before placing your bet

Always double check your betslip before closing the page. If it hasn't been confirmed then you could lose out on a big win if your horse places first!

Flat Race Betting Advice

Although it is very straightforward to bet on flat races, these tips will help you to make your betting decision(s) and, although we can't guarantee it, will hopefully improve your chances of winning big.

  • Keep up to date with racing news and watch out for any insider info - look at ante post tips to see how they compare with the odds at your online bookmaker of choice - or potential issues with horses and jockeys that could hint at the outcome
  • Don't risk betting too much and not being able to afford the loss; picking the winner in horse betting comes with much lower odds than a lot of other sports
  • Some of the more high-profile races involve more horses than usual, meaning it really can be anyone's game, including the underdog!
  • Consider betting each way - it costs more and you win less, but it does give you a higher chance of winning if your horse places in the first few positions (depending on how many horses are running)

You can also find real-time racing tips/predictions for 2021 on top online gambling sites, as well as right here on this page.

Horse Race Betting Promos And Bonuses

Online betting companies are constantly competing to give customers the best bonuses and promos, so it won't ever be difficult to find some kind of offer. They vary depending on the site, but British horse racing promotions will often look like the following:


Fallers insurance

available on selected jump meetings, this type of bet offers £ back if your horse falls


Risk free bet

Back a winner over certain odds and your next bet after that will be risk free


Extra places

This is a very good offer for the bigger races with more horses. You will get a payout up to a certain amount of places, so there are no worries if your pick doesn't come first.


Double winnings

If your horse wins by a certain amount of lengths or more, you get your winnings doubled (not as real cash, but as a free bet).

Premier League Odds

Flat Race Betting Odds Guide

There's a couple of different types of odds you will see on most online gambling sites when it comes to betting on flat races and other sports. They are as follows:

  • Decimal - 2.40
  • Fractional - 4/3

In the example above, we list a horse as having 4/3 odds. This means a successful bet of £3 will see a total return of £7 - £4 profit and your original £3 stake. A horse with odds of 9/1 would see a profit of £9 for every £1 wagered, giving a total return of £10 for a winning £1 bet.

Most online sites will let you swap between the different types of odds if you have a system you prefer to use, but all odds represent the chances of a bet being successful no matter what they look like.

Mobile Flat Race Betting Tips

It's so easy to place your bets on mobile, no matter where you are in the United Kingdom. There's a (very!) long list of online gambling sites and online bookies that offer mobile apps and mobile friendly websites, so you can gamble on all of the big flat races while you're on the go.

Flat races betting on mobile is especially helpful if you're out for the day but the race you wanted to bet on is a mid-afternoon meeting!

Betting Online with Mobile Devices

The Flat Race Bets Available For You

Although a lot of people like to stick with just picking their favourite and hoping they place first, there are quite a few other varieties of bets available if you want to increase your chances of winning. These are just a few of the other types you can choose from:

Match Bets

Each Way


Reversed Forecast

Straight Tricast


With so many races going on throughout the year, including some of Britain's (and the world's!) most renowned horse racing events, you will always have plenty of choice when it comes to betting on flat races at an online bookies.

With our hints, tips and step by step pointers we hope that this flat race betting guide will help you to succeed in winning lots of real money prizes with horse racing in 2021. And don't forget, all of our recommended sites are just a click away.


We're always getting questions on everything from flat race betting tips to more general questions about horse racing betting. Here's what the most common look like:

Most online betting sites offer bets on all UK flat races, and various events around the world, so you shouldn't be hard pressed in finding somewhere to bet on a specific race.

Stick to our recommended and trusted British horse race betting sites , and it's very unlikely that you'll encounter any issues when placing your bets on flat race meetings. Dishonest or fraudulent sites don't usually last for long because negative reviews travel quickly in the online gambling space.

Horse racing is historically a very popular sport with punters, so it makes sense that most sites offering flat races online betting provide plenty of bonuses to keep their regular customers happy. You can find a range of different promos on most real cash gambling sites in 2021, helping you to increase your chances of taking home some big £ wins!

You don't just have to bet on the horse that comes in first; there are various ways to gamble when it comes to racing. Perhaps you'll bet who will place first, second and third, or choose to do an accumulator and bet on a number of selections - the possibilities are endless!

We have tried and tested a long list of online betting sites, and you'll find the ones that we recommend to British punters looking to try online betting on flat races right here on our site.