Best UK Horse Race Betting Sites 2021

With some of the world's most renowned competitions and events, Britain is the perfect place to bet on horse racing. Find the race you want to bet on today using our recommended list of online bookies and you will be guaranteed:

A wide variety of stakes and racing meets to place bets on A trustworthy, safe place to enjoy online betting on horses (and more online gambling) Very fair and competitive UK horse racing odds

The UK's Biggest Stakes of the Season

There is a VERY long list of fantastic UK races held throughout the year, so the following is just a small selection of some of the most popular and exciting events to come. We'd say that each is a "must see" in the horse racing calendar: Loading...

The Basics Of Horse Racing Betting

Online betting on horses in British races couldn't be any more accessible and easy than when playing with an online bookmaker. If you do want some pointers however, just follow our step by step guide below to walk you through getting started:

  • We have a list of recommended online gambling sites just a click away. Pick the one you would like to use, making sure to claim an introductory promotion as well.
  • Deposit some cash using your preferred method so you can start playing straight away, or take advantage of any no deposit free bets you have first.
  • All of the UK horse racing action that's available to bet on should be easy to find. Pick your race, and your favourite horse, and place the amount you want to bet on it.
  • Check your betslip is correct and then confirm your bet. It really is as easy as that!

Once these pointers are complete, make sure to always double check your betslip before clicking off the page. If it hasn't worked properly then you might end up losing out on some big prizes...

Betting Advice for UK Horse Races

With so many UK races it can be a daunting task to keep up with who, where and what to bet on. Use our helpful horse racing tips below to guide you through the process, and hopefully you will be a few steps closer to winning some real money.

  • There are lots of race betting tips online for UK races. Keep an eye on them, as well as racing news, before choosing your races and horses. Look out for the favourites and any hints at potential winners or injured horses.
  • Consider using different types of bets to increase your odds of winnings; you may not feel comfortable betting on an underdog to win if there's a VERY clear favourite, but it might still place in the top three.
  • Don't forget about the sometimes turbulent weather in the United Kingdom. If a horse is known for racing well in wet weather, it will often have an advantage in Britain!
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose - it always pays to be sensible with your money, and you can still win big by placing smaller bets on horses with longer odds

You can also check out our feed of tips and predictions for more help!

Horse Race Betting Promos And Bonuses

Online race betting sites love to give promos and bonuses away to punters wagering on events across the British Isles. With each company trying to out-do their competitors and offer something new, giveaways available can differ quite a bit.

Here are just a few recent examples of the types of promotions you might see:


Money back specials

Usually paid as a free bet, there are lots of promotions which offer you money back if your horse loses in particular circumstances.


Best odds guarantee

If the odds change after you have placed your bet, you will get the best odds if your horse wins.


Fallers insurance

For UK horse racing with jumps only, and over certain odds, you may get real money back in the form of a free bet if your horse falls before finishing

Premier League Odds

Horse Betting Odds Guide

When online betting on UK races, odds can come in a few different formats. The main options you'll find on sites catering to British players are:

  • Decimal - 6.00
  • Fractional - 9/2

All odds formats translate to the same thing but, if you want to swap the type of odds you're looking at, all of the top sites make it easy to switch between each of the options. By default, most UK online bookies use fractional odds for horse racing, so we'll focus on them here.

In the above example, a bet of £2 on a horse with 9/2 odds would result in a total payout of £11 (£2 original stake + £9 profit). If a horse had odds of, say, 1/5 then you'd need to bet £5 to make just £1 profit (with a total payout of £6).

Making Horse Racing on Mobile

Betting on UK Horse racing online couldn't be easier, and the same goes for betting on a mobile. With high quality online gambling apps and/or mobile friendly websites offered by most online bookmakers, you can pick your winner no matter what kind of device you want to use and no matter where you are.

Not only does this make it helpful to bet on the go, but it also means that you can check odds fluctuations, race times and winners when you're out and about too. It's not uncommon to see punters attend races in person but then use their smartphones/ tablets to bet real money rather than queueing up to place a bet.

Betting Online with Mobile Devices

Bets You Can Make on UK Races.

With UK horse races, there are lots of different ways to bet. You can, of course, keep it simple and choose one horse to place first. But if you want to improve your odds or chances of winning then these are just a few of the other ways you can bet:

Match Bets



Reversed Forecast

Lucky 15

Betting On UK Horse Races In 2021

With different meets across the British Isles almost every week, you'll never be short of finding action at horse race betting sites. These are just a few of the more renowned and popular events for punters that you can try your luck with:


The Champion Stakes, Champions Day, Ascot

With a £1.3 million prize fund this flat raceis the most valuable mile and a quarter race in Europe and, as you would expect, attracts some very prestigious racers. Held annually at the regal Ascot racecourse, it signifies the winding down of the flat race season.


The Gold Cup, Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham

On the closing day of the renowned Cheltenham Festival every year, competitors race for the title of Gold Cup Winner. A very sought-after accolade, this race is a favourite among punters for the quality of talent that runs and the excitement of the difficult course that they have to face. You can always find plenty of horse racing tips for this one!


The 1,000 Guineas Stakes, Guineas Festival, Newmarket

Named after the total prize fund when it began in 1814, this race at Newmarket is the second of five races named the ‘classics' and follows the (also well-known) 2,000 Guineas Stakes race. It's a 1 mile race for thoroughbred fillies, and always offers top horse betting.

The King George VI Chase, Winter Festival, Kempton

If you're looking for some racing to watch over the festive season, the King George VI Chase is definitely one of the highlights. Held annually on Boxing Day at Kempton racecourse, the track is a real test for jumpers and is a very exciting event to watch (and bet on). Sure to make up for the taste of those dry leftover Turkey sandwiches!


The United Kingdom truly is a great place to get into horse racing betting. With lots of renowned events, well known horses and jockeys - not to mention a continuous stream of horse betting action - why go anywhere else when it comes to trying your luck?

We have included lots of horse racing tips and pointers in this guide to help you on your way to winning lots of real money. Use those, and our handy list of recommended online betting sites, to start placing wagers today. Good luck!


Over the years, we've had to field a lot of questions about betting on UK horse racing. You'll find a few of the most common ones below, along with their answers, naturally:

Online bookies typically let you bet on all UK horse races from long before the event right up until the race begins, so you should always be able to put a real money bet on the horse you want to back.

We have a list of online betting sites recommended specifically because they're trustworthy, so that you know you are safe when horse betting with one of them. Check out our list, only use reputable companies and you shouldn't run into any problems.

Definitely. There are so many different bonuses available for horse racing, all you need to figure out is which one appeals to you and you have the perfect recipe to improve your real money winnings.

Single bets, Each Way bets, Accumulators, Doubles, Trebles… the list is endless. If you can think of a way to bet, then chances are you will be able to do it on an online horse race betting site. Try mixing things up with a few different bets to improve your chances of winning, even if it is thanks to the smallest bet you placed on a real underdog!

Right here! We took the liberty of trawling through all of the online gambling sites out there and have made a list of our favourites for online betting on horses (plus those offering the best bonuses etc.). If you are ready to get betting, you'll find a trustworthy site here.