EFL Championship Online Betting Sites 2021

There's no shortage of wagers available for EFL Championship online betting, with all of the usual action you'll be used to if you've tried betting on football:

EFL Championship Betting Advice

Whatever you call it - until 2004, the EFL Championship was known as the First Division/Division 1 - winner odds and other EFL Championship/English Division 1 betting always represents fantastic action at an online bookmaker. 2021 is no different! We'd like to humbly offer our British readers a bit of guidance:

Play global, bet local. There's nothing better than popping a real money bet on a team that you're able to watch in the flesh, not least because you'll get a better sense of how the team performs, their advantages and flaws

When it comes to derby or promotion/relegation games, all bets are off. Pride is a serious motivator, and underdogs often give 110% when it's all to play for

Keep an eye out for injuries, weather conditions and more. It goes without saying that these can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of a match

Don't bet more than you can afford. Enjoying a flutter at the bookies should be fun, and even very small bets on long odds can pay out big

For more EFL Championship betting tips, check out our live feed of predictions and insights.

EFL Championship Odds

EFL Championship Odds Explained

Although you might see decimal odds (1.2, 3.5 etc.) on some football betting sites, it's far more likely that you'll see fractional odds. That's even more true for online betting on EFL Championship or other events that take place in the United Kingdom.

Most British punters will already know how to use fractional odds, but we'll add a quick run-through here just to be on the safe side. If someone successfully bets £3 on a team with 9/3 odds, they'll get a total payout of £12 (£9 profit plus their original £3 stake). Meanwhile, a bet of £5 on 1/5 odds would generate just £1 profit giving a total payout of £6 (including the £5 original stake).

Top online bookies will let you switch between the way odds are displayed, but we'd recommend that those in Britain get comfortable with fractional odds.

EFL Championship Betting On Mobile

If you're keen on football betting in the 2021 season, it's probably also a safe bet that you'll want to be either attending EFL Championship matches in person or maybe watching them somewhere with friends. As such, it's useful to be able to access online gambling sites using a mobile device.

There's a huge range of mobile apps and specially-optimised sites out there that can be accessed on everything from the latest iPhone to an older Android model. In addition to placing real money wagers, you can also use these to check scores and look at the progress of your other bets and/or accumulators.


EFL Championship Betting Promotions

Just about all of the top football betting sites and online bookmakers offer some form of welcome bonus for new UK players, and these offers are often designed with footy action like the EFL Championship in mind:

Match bonuses, which match initial deposits up to a certain amount

No deposit bets - very small bets that don't require users to make a deposit before they can be used

Enhanced Odds on first bet(s)

Accumulator insurance, where you get your money back (as free bets) if one of your teams lose

Because online gambling and betting on football is legal in Britain, the competition is fierce among sites trying to scoop up UK players. That means more bonus money for you!