Top League One Online Betting 2021

As with any type of football betting, League One offers a wide range of different types of bets you can try including, but not limited to:

League One Betting Advice

First off, we should probably clarify something about League One - before 2004, it was known as the Second Division. Betting odds and so on that refer to Division 2 online betting are, in fact, talking about League One, which can definitely be a bit confusing.

Let's try to get past that confusion, though, and check out a few bits of basic advice for English Football League One online betting.

Keep an eye out for derby games or matches with potential impact on promotion/relegation - teams often play fiercely when the stakes are high

Don't count out teams who have recently been relegated to League One - often these teams become the "big fish in a small pond" and perform well

The weather, player injuries and the location of a game can have a huge impact on its outcome - try to stay up to date with news and other League One betting tips

Only bet what you can afford to lose; large real cash prizes are great, but you don't need to bet much to win big if you stick with underdogs

We also have a feed of League One betting tips and predictions that you can check out for a bit of extra help.

League One Odds

Understanding League One Betting Odds

While seeing decimal odds (like 3.2, 1.6 etc.) isn't unheard of at online gambling sites in the United Kingdom, it's far more likely that you'll be shown League One championship odds - and those for individual games - in the fractional format.

This format is common across Britain, in both bricks and mortar venues and on the web, so it's one that's well worth getting used to for British gamblers. It's also, arguably, the easiest format to understand.

Let's say that a team has odds of 6/1 of winning their match this weekend, that means you'll get £6 profit for every £1 bet, plus your original £1 stake. In this case, that means a total payout of £7. Odds of 2/8, on the other hand, would require a bet of £8 for a total payout of just £10 (£2 profit + £8 original stake).

The best online bookies let you choose how you would prefer to see their League One odds, so you should never find yourself unaware of how much real cash you're wagering.

League One Online Betting On Mobile

There are so many matches going on every week in League One that trying to sit at home and follow them all on your laptop/desktop could make betting on football feel like a full-time job! Not your idea of fun? We have the solution.

Plenty of British online gamblers use mobile devices like Apple, Android and Windows Phone handsets to keep up with League One betting tips and place real cash wagers while they're on the move. Particularly handy if you're planning to attend some local games in person!

All of the top football betting sites have either apps or responsive sites that can be used for placing bets, checking in on your accumulator, seeing how League One championship odds have shifted after the day's games etc.


League One Betting Promotions

Whether they're based in the UK or elsewhere, virtually every online gambling site offers welcome bonuses for new players in Britain and beyond. If your focus is football betting with an online bookmaker, you'll likely be interested in:

% Match bonuses - these match your first deposit(s), up to a certain amount, with bonus cash e.g. deposit £200 and you'll get £200 extra credit to play with

Enhanced Odds on your first bet(s), improving your potential payout

"No Deposit" bets - these are, effectively, completely free bets with no pressure to wager any real money before you can use them

Accumulator Insurance - these will return your wager to you as a free bet if one of the teams in your accumulator fails to pull off a win

That's just a sample of the types of bonuses available, with exactly what's on offer differing from site to site. Be sure to enter the correct promo code if one is required to activate the offer you're hoping to use.