Ligue 1 Online Betting In 2021

Online betting sites offer lots of different French Ligue 1 odds and outcomes to take advantage of. For just a few of the most common bets you can make, see our list below:

Ligue 1 Online Betting Advice

Before placing a bet on French Ligue 1 betting odds, it's useful to consult some football betting tips first. We've compiled a list of advice for beginners below, which will hopefully help you on your way to picking a winner:

First things first, never bet more than you can afford to lose. You can still make good money betting small amounts on underdogs or long shots, and this means you won't get in debt in the long run

Keep an eye on football news and other leagues where the top French teams are playing so you can see who is performing well (or not so well) this season

It's usually wise to stick to the bookmaker's favourites though wagering small amounts on the underdog every now and again can pay off, especially during derbies or games that will impact on promotion/relegation chances

Look out for bonuses and promotions, and try betting on different outcomes to increase the odds of at least one of your bets paying out

Look out for even more tips at online bookies, or check out our live prediction feed of French league football betting tips here for clues on who to back.

Ligue 1 Odds

Understanding Ligue 1 Betting Odds

Let's say that you want to take advantage of Ligue 1 outright odds and bet on Paris Saint-Germain to win the title this year, or that you're considering placing a stake on who the first goal scorer of a match will be.

If you're playing in Britain, chances are good that Ligue 1 betting odds for those (and other) outcomes will be shown in the fractional format on your chosen football betting site. Fractional odds are certainly the favourite in he UK, but you may sometimes see decimal odds (3, 7.5 etc.) too.

If you're trying to work out what your return on a fractional odds bet will be, then it's pretty easy to work out. On a bet with odds of 10/1, for example, your return will be £10 (plus your original £1 stake) for every pound you bet. If the odds are 2/5 and you bet £5 your potential profit will be £2, plus your original £5, giving you a total payout of £7.

Ligue 1 Betting On Mobile

If you're out with mates or the family and you want to keep up to date with the latest French football betting tips, promotions and results, then there are plenty of apps and mobile friendly sites available for b etting on football while you're on the go.

Compatible with most popular types of phone - Apple, Android, Windows Phone etc. - these are just as easy to use as their desktop equivalents. And, with some online bookies even giving away free bets to those that download and use their app, there really isn't any good reason not to use your phone for your betting needs in 2021!


French League Betting Promotions

Before checking out French Ligue 1 betting odds in the United Kingdom, it's always worth looking for an online bookmaker with some promotions or bonuses to offer British players. The kind of offers you'll want to look out for include:

Deposit some money and get a % match, giving you extra cash to play with up to a certain amount. Bonus cash is subject to wagering requirements before it can be withdrawn

Enhanced odds, which (no surprises here) improve your odds. This gives you more real money back than other bookmakers if you win

% Live Bet booster, which gives you a certain % of extra winnings if you bet while the game is in play and win

Accumulator insurance - this covers you if only one of the multiple bets that makes up your acca loses by giving you a free bet to make up for it

This is just a small selection of the promos on offer in 2021, with online betting sites always looking to shake things up to attract new players. For more, take a look at our list of recommended UK online bookies here.