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Safety And Security At Online Casinos

With cybercrime on the up, and scammers coming up with even more sophisticated ways to dupe unsuspecting Brits out of their money, staying safe at online casinos has never been more of a priority. Fortunately for British gamblers, there are regulators, and procedures in place, to make sure today's UK betting sites are 100% watertight when it comes to security.

In this guide to safety and security at casinos online in Britain we'll show you:

  • What SSL stands for and why its presence guarantees your safety
  • How British gambling law protects UK players from fraudulent sites
  • The most secure payment options to use for depositing real money

How The UK Regulates Online Casino Safety

In the UK online betting is big business. Not only for the bookmakers and casinos offering the chance to win real money gambling. But also for the thousands of Brits who take part in online casino gaming as an innocent pastime. But, while gambling comes with an accepted degree of risk, one thing no Brit wants to put at stake is their real money.

In 2005, the UK government recognised a need to regulate what was becoming a fast growing online betting industry. Without regulation, anyone, was previously able to set-up a casino or bookmaker online. Regardless of experience or intent. Which led to a spate of rogue sites capitalising on this loophole to scam innocent Brits out of their hard earned cash.

Nowadays UK law makes it illegal for a bookmaker or casino site to operate in Britain without a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. This licence is only granted to legitimate sites that can demonstrate fair practice, and industry standard security protocols. So, Brits who see a UK Gambling Commission licence will know the betting site they've landed on is trustworthy.

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Verifications & ID Checks

When you register to play at an online casino, or wager sports bets at a bookies, the site operator will need to prove you are who you say you are. This is to confirm you are old enough to gamble legally (you have to be 18+ in the UK). But it's also a way of safeguarding against identify theft and illegal online money laundering too.


Verifications And I.D Checks

If you're on the electoral roll in Britain, the bookmaker will be able to use this info to confirm you are aged 18 years or above. However, they'll still need to prove it really is you they're dealing with. So, it's likely you'll be asked for one or more of the following forms of I.D, before making your first withdrawal:

  • A UK passport
  • A driving licence or provisional licence
  • A national I.D card (which shows your photograph)
  • A household bill in your name dated within 3 months
  • A bank statement
  • A scan of the front and back of your debit or credit card


Signs That A Casino Is Safe To Play At

As well as a licence issued to the casino by the UK Gambling Commission, and verification checks to confirm your identity, there are a few other ways that today's trusted sites keep their members safe.

Here's what else you should look out for when you're trying to determine whether or not a casino is secure.


SSL Encryption

  • SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and it's the encryption software that websites handling real money transactions use to safeguard their servers. They essentially scramble the information being shared, so if anyone does manage to hack into it. None of the data they retrieve would make any sense.
  • A Padlock Symbol - A padlock sign located next to the website's address in your browser is confirmation that the site uses secure software to protect its users. If you click on it you'll see the web site owner's name. And be able to view its digital certificate to further confirm it's the real deal and not an imposter.
  • An 'S' in its URL - The casino site's URL gives you another clue as to whether or not the site is operating securely. If the HTTP at the start of the URL link is followed by an 'S' this is your guarantee that the site is safe to use. HTTPS only prefixes sites that are SSL protected.

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eCogra And What It Stands For

eCogra is a name you'll often find in association with online casino and betting sites. It's an acronym that stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation. A UK based organisation that is responsible for auditing casino software and games at an international level.

eCogra is an independent third party, so it has no affiliation with any of the sites it tests, meaning the results it produces are 100% objective and unbiased. At its most basic level, eCogra randomly plays a casino's games to determine whether the software is rigged or autonomous. To abide by its Gambling licence all UK online casinos must use RNG (Random Number Generator) software to power its games. This technology guarantees a totally random result each time.

If a site fails to use such software it could be operating with a bias. Meaning the game is rigged to ensure the player loses more often than the casino wins. So, eCogra independently assesses the results of a game, over hundreds of outcomes, to analyse whether there is a pattern. To see the eCogra seal of approval at a casino site is all the assurance you need in 2021 that the real money games being offered are 100% fair.

The Most Secure Banking Methods

If you're weighing up the best way to move money in, and out, of a casino online, here's a quick run down of the deposit and withdrawal methods offering Brits the most security.

  • Credit Card - Payments are protected by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK so your money is always covered for Fraud.
  • Debit Card - Providers like MasterCard, Visa and Maestro use the most advanced SSLs to safeguard their transactions online.
  • Prepaid Card - Cards like PaySafeCard don't link to any personal details about you so they're 100% anonymous.
  • e-Wallet - Digital payment methods like Neteller, Skrill and PayPal allow you to complete transactions using just a secure password.
  • Bank Transfer - Banks are like Fort Knox when it comes to security so, although this method is slower, it's one of the safest online.